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Welcome to Hoff Design Build

Welcome To Hoff Design Build

We provide the following services to those who live in the Boise area

LAUREL CROWN European Style Cabinetry, our signature modern line built right here in Boise, Idaho

CUSTOM CABINETRY, for those who need something special

STORAGE SOLUTIONS, to help you organize your stuff

3D DESIGN, when you want to see it before you built it

CONSTRUCTION SERVICES, when you want quality management and craftsmanship

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Master Walk In Closet

3D Walk Through of a Master Closet Design

This Example of a Master Walk In Closet design is a 3D video walk through that enable our clients to see and feel their space even before we build it.  We use state of the art design software that assists you, our clients, in seeing what you are going to be doing, now.

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Kitchen Remodel Design 3D Video Walk Through

This is a Hoff Design Build 3D video walk through of a kitchen remodel design for a project in Boise Idaho including 3D render.

We at Hoff Design Build are excited to offer the concept of not only providing 3D renders of your project before we build, but now we have the capability to provide 3D video walk through technology as well as being able to upload a 3D model that can be explored by our clients on their own devices.  This kind of design enables our clients the ability to see it before we build it. The video below is a project that we just completed design, and today rendered out a video walk through.

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Do you like fly tying?

Here is our cabinetry solution for a fly tying enthusiast who needed an organised space to work…

Here is the before photo

Here is our 3D graphic design

And here are the final photos of the finished cabinetry

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Patio with a view

Here is 3D design of a mountain view patio designed for outdoor living…

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Home Update before and after photos

Our wonderful clients often had great ideas and it was enjoyable to implement them.  Here are before and after photos that show changing the walls, floors, trim, doors and cabinetry color.  It was a dramatic change and a nice update.



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Custom Display Cabinetry Design

Our client requested design of special display cabinetry for their library to harmonize with the existing woodwork in their home.  The following rendering is an exact replica of the space where the cabinetry will be built.  Glass shelves and under mount lighting will light up their archaeological display items while the center knotty alder shelves will contain their library.

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Mayfield Trellis

A trellis design that I am working on that has a covered roof for snow and rain but will still feel trellis-ish.

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360 Degree Viewer- Now you can see your Kitchen/Project!

Click on Image to view 360 degree view

Try Custom 360 degree Panorama

New to Hoff Design Build

We can now share with our clients

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Opening Things Up a Bit.

Initial design.  This was a galley kitchen, but now? Its open.

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Modern on the Boise Bench


Less is more.

An old house and garage on an existing lot is replaced with an updated improvement,  maintaining prime access to Boise.

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Hoff Design/Build website is getting a remodel

Our website is getting remodeled, and we hope you like the results.  Originally it was difficult to navigate and messy…We have made some very significant changes that have resulted in the ability to find the information that you (the client) are looking for.

Simple Icons that are specific.

Functional Galleries that are not overloaded with words.

You know what we do once you have seen our site.

It interfaces with phones, i-pads, computer monitors very well.  Let us know what you think!

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On the Go and “Over The Top”

Cool sunburst carved door
Cool sunburst carved door

3D Bathroom on the roof 
I made this page using my cell phone to test how intuitive it is both for me the author and you the end-user.  WordPress created an app that enables me to administer my site from my phone!

How does that help us?

This will allow me to share at the moment the good idea comes and share when we are on the go.

So here is a project that I helped design utilizing 3D graphics and also managed construction for Strite Design Remodel.

Who can guess where this is?

These are the 3D renders:

3D view from above
3D view from above
3D view from above
3D view from above
3D view looking towards the door and sink
3D view looking towards the door and sink
3D View looking at the sink and mirrors
3D View looking at the sink and mirrors
3D view looking towards the back wall, view from door
3D view looking towards the back wall, view from door

We had to use a crane to get this done.

We made the counter for the stone sink from 3oo+ year old wood, we cut the mirror to create an organic slope, we ran the tiles vertical with a tapering organic leading edge.  The walls are Venetian plaster, the floor is stained concrete, built like a shower including a drain, and the structure was built to commercial code requirements with a stucco exterior.  The door was recycled from a fire, and was re cut into a proper size door for this project.  Pretty fun.

Here are a couple of actual photos:

Actual photo looking through the mirror, shows the tile and plaster
Actual photo looking through the mirror, shows the tile and plaster
Actual photo of ceiling lighting and plaster wall
Actual photo of ceiling lighting and plaster wall


We will showcase this project at some point, but wanted to try creating a page from my phone.

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Designing In My Neighborhood

Sometimes, I like working close to home. This one is within a few blocks of my house.

link to gallery
This was the first thing I saw on this project…hmmm, now to make it legit.

The real question was, “What can we do with this space?”

I designed the following solution.

Our clients were happy with the results.

Visit Gallery

So they built it.

Now they really love it.

In fact, they loved it so much they had us design them a deck, patio and railing too…


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Laurel Crown European Style Cabinetry


Welcome To Hoff Design Build

We are glad to announce that we have developed a new line called “Laurel Crown” Modern Style European Cabinetry.  The following are samples of our stock materials.


trytoo-savatre oxford-white opulent-ulmo looks-likatre leave-likatre kona-blend

This bench was made in our shop with the kona blend material.


This laundry room was built in our shop using oxford white which includes full extension drawer slides, removable hinges and soft close hardware. The textured grain runs vertically.

laundryroom laundryroom001 laundryroom002 laundryroom003

Laundry Room – Oxford White

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Custom Cabinetry

Bar and Bench
3D Architectural design rendering by Hoff Design Build showing a modern island and bench setting

Custom Cabinetry at Hoff Design Build starts with great design including thinking both inside and outside the box.  Once the project is designed, we then build locally in Boise Idaho, with great management and craftsmanship.





Kitchen Remodel Design



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