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Design your space so you can see it, before you start.

Master Walk In Closet

3D Walk Through of a Master Closet Design

This Example of a Master Walk In Closet design is a 3D video walk through that enable our clients to see and feel their space even before we build it.  We use state of the art design software that assists you, our clients, in seeing what you are going to be doing, now.

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Kitchen Remodel Design 3D Video Walk Through

Hoff Design Build 3D video walk through of a kitchen remodel in Boise Idaho

Hoff Design Build offers 3D rendering, design and also can provide 3D video walk through technology.  Clients can upload a 3D model and explore their project before construction starts. Below is a video of a Kitchen remodel  3D walk through.  Pay attention to the details as the video plays.  Once will notice the reflections on the floor and granite top.  Shadows appear realistic

Remodeling in Boise Idaho
Hoff Design Build – Kitchen Remodel in Boise Idaho
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Patio with a view

Here is 3D design of a mountain view patio designed for outdoor living…

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Home Update before and after photos

Our wonderful clients often had great ideas and it was enjoyable to implement them.  Here are before and after photos that show changing the walls, floors, trim, doors and cabinetry color.  It was a dramatic change and a nice update.



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Designing In My Neighborhood

Sometimes, I like working close to home. This one is within a few blocks of my house.

link to gallery
This was the first thing I saw on this project…hmmm, now to make it legit.

The real question was, “What can we do with this space?”

I designed the following solution.

Our clients were happy with the results.

Visit Gallery

So they built it.

Now they really love it.

In fact, they loved it so much they had us design them a deck, patio and railing too…


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Ocean Front Property…Really?

3D Design by Hoff Design Build

Ocean Front Property
3D rendering of a future condo to be built on the beach by Hoff Design Build

The idea behind great 3D design is to be able to see it before it becomes a reality.  So in this project that ocean in the background is really not there, but in order to make the sales brochures believable to the clients, they need to see what they will be purchasing.  It was important to my client that the view in the images be the same view buyers will have when they purchase these condos.

Ocean Front Property
3D rendering of a future condo to be built on the beach by Hoff Design Build

So How did we pull it off?  I created a wide image consisting of pictures taken on location in a panoramic view and made a 3D wall in my architectural software program, and pasted the image to the wall.  I directed lighting at the wall until i was comfortable with a feel like the sun.  I placed the models of the condos in front of the arched wall and then rendered from inside the condos.

Model of Ocean Front Design
Method used to create a realistic backdrop for condos that will be built on the ocean, by Hoff Design Build

And that is how it was done.

Method used to create a realistic backdrop for condos that will be built on the ocean, by Hoff Design Build

We did not have to draw the entire structure, just the space necessary to show the views of the ocean.


And the kitchen of course…

Kitchen Design
Kitchen design for ocean front property by Hoff Design Build

When you need creative design let Hoff Design Build know, we can help you, too.

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3D Archictectural Design and Church?

What about a Church?

Our 3D design services really came in handy to help communicate the big idea of converting the Coors Warehouse into a cool Church Building.  It worked! It was built.

3D Architectural rendering of Life Church in Boise Idaho

First I needed to create the “As-Built” plans in order to have something to work from.

3d render of as-built model
3D render of Life Church in Boise by Hoff Design Build
Birds eye veiw
Up close…
Here is a before image…cheers!
Here is an image of the finished construction.
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